1. Mouse and keyboard interaction.
    1. Zooming
    2. Cross hair
    3. Selecting data
    4. Editing data

Mouse and keyboard interaction.

PPlot supports some useful interactivity. It is possible to zoom, show a cross-hair, and if enabled to select and edit data.


Zooming is done with the mouse.
  1. Click somewhere
  2. drag the mouse to the somewhere else ...
  3. ... and release the mouse button.

Zooming out is easy: just click somewhere on the plot.
There are three zoommodes: rectangle, x, and y. You can select between them with the following key combinations
The table below shows the behaviour of the various zoom modes for a drag starting at about (-50,-1) and ending at approximately (50,1)


Cross hair

If you press ctrl-shift , you will se a cross hair at the current mouse position. Example

Selecting data

(To enable data selection you have to provide a new PlotDataSelection object to your call to AddXYPlot, see DemoPlot 8.)

With shift-click with the mouse near a plot all points of that plot will be selected.
With control-click you can (de-select) individual points.
shift-click: all
ctrl-click: toggle individual points

The control-a key you select all data of all plots.

Editing data

Select data as explained above. With the cursor keys (arrow-up and arrow-down) you can move the selected points vertically. Pressing the control button increases the step size.
arrow up
arrow down

With the delete key you can remove them.

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